A Rare French Carousel Juvinele "Bus" Ride - SOLD

A fantastic opportunity to acquire a hard to find piece. Extremely Rare and collectable "Bus" taken from a Carousel  ride. The collector we purchased it from believes it to be from a large ride in Paris. The bus has aged beautifully and has an amazing patina. Think of all the fun its seen and the stories it has had! A truly a magnificent piece....It is photographed on our set of wheels, we can fabricate some in keeping wheels if needed and get a set of lights working. We thought we would leave it in its original state for the buyer to decide the look they want. The door works fine and the floor has areas of corrosion. We can put a reclaimed planked floor down if needed too....Lots of uses ranging from an eye catcher piece in a shop to a kids bed... contact us with any queries.